Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Slip inside the eye of your mind

Another rainy day!  We spent the morning tacking up some of the horses and rotating them through the walker in half hour segments, then grooming them as they came off.  Cleaned the tack, had some lunch, and got back into painting the stalls.  I've definitely improved in painting accuracy since yesterday.  My hands were significantly less black today despite having painted a greater number of doors!  Carlos helped me out and then Oscar and Martin joined in as well.  We finished five stalls and they are looking mighty fly.  After painting, Martin drove Katie, Alice and myself into town to the feed and seed, where we picked up some alpargatas-- and of course, some ice cream.  Flavor of the week?  "Lemon Pie" and granizado.  Some of the food here is pretty baffling but the ice cream is positively heavenly, I must say.  I won't argue with making the trek up to the ice cream shop a weekly deal!

I'm really hoping that the ring has dried out enough to ride tomorrow!  We shall see.  We're going to be hosting a schooling show on Sunday, which should be really cool!  Our fancy new jumps  are gonna get their turn in the spotlight!  By the way, here's a jump designed and painted by Katie that coincidentally is exactly like the Hudson's Bay Logo:

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