Monday, October 22, 2012

Guess what happened today?

If you guessed that it rained (all day) then you are correct, sir!  It was still an interesting day though; we trailered Twilight, Vitruoso, Benito, Puccini and Justinian to the covered ring at San Martin so that Martin could school them.  While there, the heavens decided to open and bless us with at least a centimeter's worth of the wet stuff.  Bully.  The horses worked well, however (perhaps with a slight 'Oh Lord let's get this over with' mentality) and we were back at Rancho Pampa before lunch (ravioli and meat sauce, for the curious.)  In the afternoon we shampooed some manes and tails and then it was back to painting duty.  I feel like I am starting to develop some real skill in the painting arena.

Whilst rolling paint onto bars, I listened intently to a selection of nerdish podcasts, specifically a Mugglenet Academia lecture on psychology and an incredibly long-winded analysis of possible portrayals of specific events in the upcoming The Hobbit film.  The depth of knowledge of these presenters is quite impressive at times, I must say.  If I were Peter Jackson I'd feel more than a little apprehensive at the idea that people are so keen to micro-analyse and obsessively predict every choice he makes in his rendering of the book.

I don't want to be overly optimistic, but I am cautiously hopeful that it may have rained itself out for the rest of the week.  The ring will take some time to recover, so another trip to San Martin is probably in the cards tomorrow so that the horses with a show this week can be worked.  Other than that, fingers crossed...

Would it be completely crass to say that after all this rain, I'm actually slightly missing snow??

By the way, missing Ultimate as well right now-- winter season apparently started last night, which is crazy to think on.  Go Team Top Gun :)  Let's continue what we had rolling at the beginning of summer season!  *(When I say let's, I guess I mean 'you should'... :( )

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