Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rain puts a damper on things

I'm getting quite thoroughly irritated with this damn rain.  It might not be quite so annoying if my weather app seemed to have a hot clue about what was going on, but nine times out of ten I'm led astray by its stupid predictions. 

Anyway, it's Mother's Day here in Arg today, so Martin was headed into town to spend some time with his momma, and Katie, Alice, and I hitched a ride to Puerto Madera to wander around a cool artisan market and take in some of the sights of the swankier part of town.  It was really neat and the walk along the water was pleasant and sunny-- and some of the architecture is breathtaking.  It's a much more touristy neighbourhood than our area, so we heard snippets of English and German being spoken here and there, which was cool. 

After we'd wandered past some boats (ships) [some built as long ago as 1874!] we headed towards Avenida Santa Fe to eventually make our way back to the bus stop at Plaza Italia.  Well, it started to rain... and then it started to RAIN.  A chivalrous type let us huddle under his sweater for a while at the bus stop, but once we got to Paso del Rey we were on our own, slipping and sliding through the muddy deluge back to Rancho Pampa.  Just looking at the ring is making me sad right now... rain, please go away!

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