Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Postcard from Pasadena

I had a bit of wishful thinking this morning and pulled on my breeches, even though I could see and hear the rain coming down outside my window.  Unfortunately riding was not in the cards today, so we spent the morning grooming the horses and rotating them around the walker.  Martin cooked us lunch and then afterwards I got down and dirty with painting some of the stall bars.  Gave me a lot of time for thinkin'!

I was thinking today how cool it is to get the chance to experience riding lots of different types of horses.  Someone told me once that before I buy a horse, I should know for sure exactly what type of horse suits me best.  Although I've ridden quite a few horses in my life, the vast majority have been smaller, relatively sensitive but even-keeled Thoroughbreds.  So my preference tends to run towards horses that are in that same sort of mold: I like horses very light off the leg and sensitive to the hand.  The cool thing about riding horses down here is I'm getting to experience riding tons of different types, and not just riding but jumping them.  While it's definitely a challenge for me sometimes, it makes me happy to think that every type I ride is adding to my toolbox that I can refer to when riding horses in the future.  Because just like people, there's a finite number of types, with small twists and duifferences in each.  The more tools I have, the better I will be able to ride different horses that I come across in my life.

On an un-horse-related topic, I got JK Rowling's new book (in eBook form, of course) last week and I'm quite enjoying it!  I'm loving my morning ritual of feeding hay and reading JK whilst munching on cornflakes.  Have I mentioned that the cornflakes here are absolutely delicious?  I don't know why, but they put Kellogg's to shame.  I think it's in the more potent crunch factor.

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