Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm getting bad about these three day recaps...

Heyo.  So once again I managed to leave this whole blog post-ery til the last minuto.  I'm gonna do a quick run through of the week:  On Wednesday Twilight and Silene sold and we dropped them off at the Hipico to move into their new lives... so weird not to see their familiar names on the riding board... I rode them both my first day here, which is now over seven weeks ago.  Seven weeks ago! How come I'm still bobbling around like a fool on horseback?  I'm not sure... I was telling Katie that I'm really hoping part of it is my newfound awareness for how useless I am, and not an actual lack of improvement!  But on the lack of improvement note,  I also bit the dust on Wednesday afternoon... well, bit the hard-packed damp ring!  Not fun, not fun... something to be avoided in future, methinks.

Yesterday Martin and Alice went to the San Diego show grounds with Geologo, Benito, Puccini and Justinian in tow for a show, so I had nine horses to work my way through.  Highlights of the day:  Herodes and Nacar, who were both really well behaved and yet encouraged me to work on some things.  I love the feeling of focus I get when I recognize and hone in on an issue, like sluggish transitions or stiffness in one direction.  And when the problem improves it's incredibly rewarding.  In the afternoon I had a flat lesson on Vitruoso, the fancy chestnut stallion.  Watching Martin ride this horse is something else; he just exudes presence and he and Martin are a perfect match.  I'm not sure I quite lived up to that standard, but I got to feel the sensation of his smokin' medium trot and back to a short, lively, bouncy trot and forward again into that medium trot... and then a repetition of that exercise at the canter.  He was fantastic.  A friend of Rachel's also arrived yesterday from the States, so it's a full house here.  I love having visitors and I love meeting people.  I guess I'm somewhat dog-like in that way.

This morning I was on Rodrigo duty (as it is affectionately called) so I spent most of the morning lunging the babies, which gave me a great vantage point to watch all the horses being ridden. I must say, they all looked fantastic today.  The babies jumped around some cavalletti with Rodrigo and Martin and they all looked pretty darn capable.  Afterwards I had a lesson on Herodes, working on my turns after fences mainly, balancing and pushing into the corners so that I don't need to run out of the corner to get the pace.  It was a blast and Herodes was fantastic.  If I was told I could never ride again but could keep one horse as a pet, I would want Herodes.  He's so much fun to groom.  He's literally in ecstasy when you curry him.

After Herodes I had another jumping lesson on Pastrocito.  I definitely struggled a bit at the begining, but had a nice successful last run through which made me feel good.  All the horses were done before lunch so this afternoon we did the usual tack cleaning, barn sweeping, horse brushing, med administering duties.  I am thoroughly knackered I must say!  It's been a long week of early mornings and bright sunshine (NOT that I am complaining, in fact I am loving it, and cultivating quite a beauty of a farmer's tan!)

I am really excited that my trip will be extended by a week... my Dad and possibly my Mom are coming down for a week to explore Argentina with me :)  Can't wait until they get an eyeful of Vitruoso, Luli, Justinian and the other gorgeous horses here, not to mention all the amazing sights I've seen :)  My mood definitely fluctuates here and I definitely have doubts sometimes about my capabilities, but I'm determined to improve as much as I can and drink in as much as this opportunity gives me.  I already feel sad to think about leaving everyone here... even Carlos, who has gotten into a most annoying habit of bleating my name everytime I walk by...

Well, it's nearly eight so I best be off to bed!! Adios

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