Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Day at the CAE

We could ride today! This morning I hopped on Silene for a quick ride before getting Benito braided and all the tack ready to go to the C.A.E (the "Allemande") show grounds.  He was competing in the 1.20m style class, which is a judged jumper round that focuses on how a  horse goes, how he's presented, and how he jumps.  The horses competing in the class were truly gorgeous, and Benito jumped around like a champ both rounds, going double clear.  The third round is tomorrow and will determine which horses make it into the finals in December.

I still can't get over how beautiful the showgrounds are here.  The trees lining the ring at the CAE are all gnarled and many-boughed and twisty, like something off the cover of a fantasy DVD.  Or, like, Pan's Labyrinth or something.  That sort of tree.  I felt quite glaringly inadequate in my dusty boots and sweater next to all the spit-and-polished men in their breeches and shiny tall boots.  Which reminds me... I should really look into buying some boots while I'm down here.  I've seen some absolutely gorgeous tall boots on people and apparently they're quite a steal!

Anyway, the hot spring sun should have baked out the ring nice and thoroughly, so it looks like tomorrow I'll be back in the saddle!  Excited :)  And can I say that seeing all the "it's snowing" posts in Winnipeg is making me mightly appreciative of this Argentine sunshine ;)

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