Saturday, October 6, 2012

Awesome day at the CHA

So I woke up this morning and discovered that overnight we'd experienced quite the downpour... disappointment central.  But the day still proved to be really fun and interesting!  We took Vitruoso, Silene, Twilight and Cor Lit to the Hippico (Center Hippico de Argentina) to be tried by a client looking for a dressage horse.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I absolutely love the Hippico.  It's completely gorgeous and exactly how'd I envision my ideal sort of barn: all ivy and groomed grass and tidy stable blocks, and then a huge airy indoor filled with gorgeous horses cantering this way and that.  So I was pretty excited to be getting the chance to go back there.

On the way there though I got some even more exciting news: Martin dropped me off at an intersection with directions on how to get to the boot shop!  I ordered my custom boots today :)  Hopefully the Spanglish in which I communicated will serve me well and I'll end up with what I'm picturing.  I order chocolate brown boots with a narrow black patent leather Spanish top, square toe and, yes, a zipper up the back :)  After finishing up the order and picking up a dressage whip that Martin needed, I headed back out into the city for the walk back to the Hippico.  I walked down this absolutely stunning boulevard on the way back, all leafy trees and this neat houses with granite and marble steps leading up to narrow wooden doors stained beautiful colors, with brass doorknobs in the exact center of each one, like a hobbit hole!  The garages were extremely narrow and attractive wooden gates that tended to match each front door.  There were no yards but the houses were a few floors high, and flowers and vegetation were everywhere.  All the houses were different but beautiful, and the materials were unbelievable... chalky red brick, swirly marble steps, stone friezes on the front step... in the middle of one of the roundabouts was a small garden with cobblestone paths, an infinity pool and a children's playground, just completely picturesque.

Once I got back to the Hippico Katie and Martin were just finishing up preparing the horses to be shown, so I quickly helped to groom up the last couple and then we headed for lunch while waiting for the clients to arrive.  I got to see a bit more the Hippico, and it didn't fail to impress me: lush green grass ring, ivy covered buildings and flowering trees.  Lunch was really fun and relaxed and we heard some tales from Martin's days as a working student for David O'Connor in Virginia.

After lunch we headed back to get the first horse ready, and then the afternoon went along smoothly.  Cor Lit was tried first, followed by Twilight and Silene.  All of the horses were fantastic and I have to admit I felt somewhat tearily proud watching them strut their stuff in the Hippico indoor.  Man, there are some nice horses there-- and some nice tall boots, too, I've noticed, now that my eyes have been opened to such things!  The clients seemed to really like the horses so they may be heading back out for another try tomorrow!  It's our day off so I'm hoping to make it into town for some more exploring.

Center of a roundabout en route from Walton's Boots to the Hippico

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