Friday, September 28, 2012

I guess this is a three day recap!

Well, I got quite behind on this blog... Wednesday, was it, that we left off?  I'm not sure... anyway, the week has gone by in a flash despite being quite busy!  Yesterday it was up before the sun at 4:30 AM so that I could go to help out Martin and Walter at a horse show at the Buenos Aires showgrounds.  I had never been there, but it is beautiful!  We took along Luli, Puccini, Silene, Mauro, Georgia, Nixon, Justinian and Benito.  Thursday was schooling rounds only but a great prep for the Series classes that ran today.  I warmed the horses up lightly and then set fences as Martin schooled and took them into the ring.  Interestingly, at the beginning of every class I was allowed to go into the ring and present the horse to  the fences.  I don't know of any schooling show in Canada that allows this, but I thought it was very cool.  The horses were all excellent, and Nixon and Luli finished off the day in the 1.20m classes.  The warmup ring was a bit crowded, but had nothing on the hunter warmups at Brandon Winter Fair ;).

When we returned home from the show I had a lesson on Boss, one of the new horses.  He is so cute and we took him over some fences.  He jumps like a little rocket considering he only stands about 15 hands!  It was really quite a blast getting to know him.

Today was back up at 4:15 to get the competition horses ready.  Alice and Katie went to help out at the show while I remained behind on the farm to ride the remaining horses.  I ended up on Geologo, Jour, Cor Lit, Pastrocito, Nacar, Twilight, Herodes and Boss in the morning, though I only got in a very brief ride on Boss before Rodrigo arrived to work with the young ones.  I lunged them and then he got on and rode; today we worked with Oregon, Casia, Kir Royal, Bellini, Montana, Ghandi, Ojiva, Invasor and Kennedy.  All of the youngsters were really well behaved and some were quite frankly lazy after a few days of consistent hard work! 

After lunch it was back out to the ring to lunge Sintonia, Uxmal and Holendesa before getting on Skyline and back on Boss to give him a bit more of a ride.  Now that seven o'clock has rolled around I must say... I am feeling quite thoroughly knackered!  Also very dusty.   I think a shower and a read of The Casual Vacancy is in order before I totally zonk out... how exciting that tomorrow I can sleep in til 6:30 ;)  Over and out gang!!

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