Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day at the shows

Just got back from a day in Buenos Aires showing horses to clients and competing at the Allemand (CAE).  First we took Herodes, Pierette and Lion (with competition horses Puccini and Benito along for the ride) to the Hippico to prep them for the clients.  The Hippico is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.  Long cobblestone aisles of red brick barns with green-painted stall gates and leafy trees hanging over everything.  The arena is huge and has a vaulted ceiling, and through the foliage on one side you can see a huge swimming pool with a vine-covered diving board and bright blue water.  All the horses are shiny and gorgeous and I watched a beginner lesson of tiny kids on big Argentine horses hopping over crossrails. 

After prepping the horses we went back to the Allemand, where the parking is insanity! Right next door to the show grounds is a beautiful soccer facility -- I'm talking perfectly manicured fields and tons of boisterous boys of all ages playing some pretty darn good soccer (to my eye) all swanked out in neon cleats and fancy jerseys.  I got a few earfuls from some Spanish soccer parents because our truck and trailer had clearly boxed in their cars... had to just shrug my shoulders and say "No entiendo... no tengo los llaves...".  While tacking up Benito he was pretty impressed by the soccer game going on and a little snorty, I tried joking with a nearby player that he didn't like soccer but apparently my Spanish wasn't good enough for that....

After Benito went double-clear in the 1.20 m Martin let me cool him out, and I walked him up and down this crazy alleyway full of way more trailers than could logically fit in there, as well as tons of honking Volkswagens and Peugeots and riders on horseback... and along all the ends, the horses tied to anything solid... It was amazing and I wish I'd had a camera!  A camera couldn't quite do it justice, though.  Lots of out-of-the-window cursing at people blocking their path and cars parked over curbs right next to horses.  I tied Benito to a fence and was untacking him when a boy in soccer uniform came up and starting going on in Spanish... I just stared at  him blankly and kind of shook my head... don't know if he wanted a pat or a ride or what... whatever it was, he didn't get it!

Then it was back to the Hippico to show the horses to the client, a lady from Peru.  The horses went well.  I really enjoy it at that show grounds, since it was late afternoon all the horses were being wrapped and groomed for the day and it was just. so. beautiful. 

Tomorrow is our official day off, so it looks like we're going to explore in Buenos Aires proper.  Looking forward to it!  Sayonara peeps!

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