Thursday, September 6, 2012

First two days recap

Well, I've finished my first two days at Rancho Pampa.  It's been a whirlwind of new things to learn and people to meet.  The other working students, Alice and Katie, are great and excellent riders, and have been helping me a lot as I bumble my way through the schedule!  It's cooler here than I anticipated so I've been very grateful for my jacket and am not at all regretting bringing 20 pairs of socks!

The barn is really nice and the horses are too.  Today we were up at four and Katie and I rode in the morning.  I rode 6 of the horses and they were all great.  I have lots to work on to get my riding up to snuff so that I can see what they can really do.  It's exciting to think about working with them every day, and hopefully being able to see improvement!  In the afternoon we went to the showgrounds where Alice had worked all morning.  Martin was showing four of the Series 2 (1.20 m) youngsters.  The course was set big and looked pretty intimidating!  The horses did well.  Then we headed back to the barn to unload, wrap for the night and wipe down the tack that had been used throughout the day.  The fellows that work in the barn seem friendly and helpful, though for all the Spanish I know they might be laughing their heads off at me and I'd be none the wiser!  It'll definitely take me a few days to get a handle on all these bridles!

Missing my fam, friends, Garrett and of course my horses.  Fingers crossed the rain that just started up abates soon so that we can ride in the morning.

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  1. Don't worry Megg, someone is reading your posts :P It's cold here too in Winnipeg! I need 21 pairs of socks