Sunday, September 16, 2012

Electric fence shock quota: 7

Yesterday was a really fun day at Rancho Pampa.  We started off early so we could fit in an extra horse before a visiting group came to the farm to attend a class Martin periodically holds in stable management.  My first horse of the day was Nixon, and we had a flat lesson focusing on getting engagement and forwardness at the walk and trot right from the getgo.  Martin shifted my position back to encourage me to find balance with my hips, putting my legs in a more effective position.  I'm
Having to work hard to fix my bad habit of spreading and lowering my hands and concentrate hard on lifting and lightening.  It's amazing how quickly tangible results come when I manage to do it correctly!

Next Katie, Alice and I lightly hacked two more groups, again working on those same fundamentals. I was on Twilight and Benito.  After lunch (a delicious selection of empanadas) we hacked the remaining horses.  I rode Pastricito, who felt wonderfully forward now that I have learned to engage him better, and then Mauro and Pierrette, who were both fantastic.  Afterwards we helped Walter and Carlos around the barn, cleaned tack and enjoyed each others company.  It was a pretty fabulous Satueday all told, capped off by Skyping Davis and Canelo at home.  I'm definitely missing my family and horses, and still craving that pumpkin slice latte!!

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