Thursday, November 1, 2012

Long day!

Today was a long one! Good, though.  I hopped on Nacar for the first horse of the day and he was excellent.  I'm starting to feel like my blog is really boring because I mostly list the names of horses I've ridden, which probably means nothing to anyone reading this who hasn't met them... so I'll say the colors today.  I rode a gray one, lunged a bay one, rode a black one, rode a chestnut one, rode another chestnut one (bobbled around), rode yet another chestnut one, and then finished off with a bay. I only rode one bay today?!  That seems crazy.  Now that I'm thinking about it, there's barely any bays here!

Anyway, my lesson on Jour was good.  In the afternoon I cleaned some tack, groomed some horses and then jogged horses for the vet, which was a somewhat interesting experience.  I may have sworn a few times, which I'm embarrassed about now because the vet is really nice... and speaks English...

I'm tired and it's an early morn tomorrow so I'm off to read a bit and then zonk out.  I am getting lamer and lamer by the day with this whole going to bed at nine thing... but I can't help it!!!

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