Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hot day at the Allemand

Martin, Katie and I headed to a show at the Allemand early this A.M. with six horses in tow.  It was a really beautiful, sunny, pretty spring day in Argentina (and yes, it's 27 degrees in spring here!!).  I warmed up Justinian, cooled out Mauro and then hopped on Benito and cooled down Nixon in the busy warm up ring at the schooling show.  All the horses jumped really well and I could tell by Martin's wide grin that he was pretty darn pleased with all the clear rounds.   By the time we headed back home it was past two, and we grabbed some sandwiches from a booth on the side of the road to munch on.  When we got back to the barn, Alice, Katie and I hopped on Geologo, Pastrocito and Herodes (respectively) for a jump lesson.  It was quite hot but all the horses were really good; we jumped through a crossrail-oxer grid, focussing a lot on a good, strong entrance and correct position through the grid. 

After the lesson I felt pretty bogged out; this heat is truly intense and I'm having to get used to it!  Luckily all we had left was tack cleaning, water-supplying, aisle-sweeping and wrap-rolling and applying. The vet was here checking the mares; breeding season is almost upon us.

Anyway, I'm so tired I'm kind of losing my train of thought... a great day all round and a perfect set up for an early night and a day off tomorrow!

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