Monday, November 19, 2012

Human skin wallets, $14,000

I got my boots today!  I really really hope that they work out, they're beautiful and I love them.  If any of you are ever in Buenos Aires, I'd totally recommend this place.  Fully custom boots and they ended up less than $400.  I really appreciate Martin and Rachel's help in filling me in on this place and taking me down there!  After getting my new boots and lovingly spreading the first application of oil, Katie and I got to talking about the softest type of leather you can get, which resulted in us googling different types of leather-- specifically human leather-- which apparently does have a "small, discerning" market.  And is 100% legal (allegedly).  Yes.  Well, I'll stick with my boots...

So yesterday-- Katie and I saw our first match of the Abierto Argentino (Argentine Open).  When we arrived at the Palermo fields, we waited in line so I could pick up the tickets that I'd ordered online.  A man passing by stopped us in line and gave us a pair of tickets for free, despite us saying that we had some!  So I gave my tickets to another couple.  It turns out that the tickets he gave us were in the Top Box -- the best seats in the entire place.  It was an incredible act of generosity, and it made for a fantastic view of the second match, Aguadas versus La Natividad (Aguada winning 12 - 10).  Afterwards there's a big afterparty and a really cool vibe to the place -- looking forward to heading back next week.

Today was a typical Monday, except I woke up with a pretty voracious head cold, which is really jarring in this intense heat.  All of the horses were good today and i was on a few I don't ride very often, which was cool. 

Now off to bed, have some work to do breaking in those boots!

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  1. I just had to look that up. And now I feel gross. Thank god I'm not "amongst those lucky few who have everything they could possibly desire" puts the lotion on its skin.