Friday, August 17, 2012

Pondering packing

Ah. So T-minus two weeks, three days... I've been scrabbling around trying to make preparations while simultaneously trying to cram in as much stuff at home as possible. For one thing, I need to be prepared to start at the University of Manitoba when I get back, so even though getting back to school is pretty far from the forefront of my mind, I've really got to force myself to organize some of those details before I head off. At least I've got registration out of the way; I registered for my first three graduate courses on Tuesday. Materials Characterization, Analysis of Electronic Materials and Microelectronic Fabrication & High-Voltage Technology. Goes down smooth, doesn't it, the list? Like cream soda. 
Though actually, I'm downright nervous about facing my first semester in Electrical Eng. I feel a bit like an imposter putzing around the lab. I've really got to make sure I take along some reading materials to Argentina and do a bit of self-directed study. No excuses... though I'm sure rousting up the incentive will be a challenge.
As for preparing for my three-month sojourn... I've been trying to make a list of necessary items to take along, and as expected, I've been royally useless at it. I keep forgetting key things (contact solution, soap) and adding on bizarre extraneous details. I'm certainly well set up when it comes to my riding gear, though. I may have to spring for another pair of breeches, however... my secondhand Ariat ones decided to completely disintegrate on Tuesday, and I just tossed them-- they never fit properly anyway, and had about four separate holes, which seems to indicate that more are likely to appear! The only other necessary purchase is going to be a good raincoat-- from the sounds of the current weather down there, I will need it quite desperately! Though hoping the weather may take a turn for the better.

Speaking of weather, it'll be so odd to miss the first snowfall. I don't think I've ever missed it, my whole life... autumn and early winter are definitely two of my favourite seasons, but not favourite enough to outweigh my excitement at heading somewhere that will be warming whilst Winnipeg is cooling...

The other (crucial) component to my packing needs will be which books I want to take. They need to fulfil the requirements of being light, compact, enjoyable and lengthy enough to sustain me. I was pondering re-reading ASOIAF... but we shall see! 
Anyway, I suppose I should get back to sifting through the literature hunting down potential ohmic contacts...

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